New Imperial Guard

Well, the new Imperial Guard is still under construction, however, we are done with the changes. Heads of the Imperial Guard will be an Imperator; Latin for Emperor, and an Inperator; Latin for Director or Warlord. Operatives will have a Latin name; still debating on what to call them. Overall, these are the new requirements to enlist into the Imperial Guard:


1.) You must come to our chat at least once a week. Overall, a regular visitor to our site.



2.) You must have 10,000+ kills and a KD rank of PROmoted


3.) You must be an extremely loyal member, which includes: commenting on posts, reporting arguments and fights that involve our members, recruiting on occasion, attending battles or possible events, following all Major Laws, without using the first Major Law as a way to avoid chastisement and possible punishment for an infraction, and if you’re a map maker and are Imperial Architecture, I highly suggest you make us at least one map. We’re not asking for anything grand, just a stable and usable map.


4.) Must be willing to obey all orders given, unless, you have the option of whether or not to obey.


5.) This is a requirement of possibly, greatest importance. The Imperator or Inperator must invite you to join.


6.) YOU, must be willing to perform all duties instructed and decreed towards YOU.


Now, allow me to list the regular duties:


1.) Every Imperial Guard operative will be given Author rights to our site. Therefore, you will recieve a check list of five to six H3CTIK members; you must send a message to each and every one of the personnel listed on the list. Ex. “Yo, how are you? Any suggestions or complaints for H3CTIK?” these messages are to be sent ever Friday.


2.) You must, make at least one post per week. If it is only one post, it must be about the check list; you must post about your results and feedback.

3.) You must recruit at least one person per month, after it is complete and a person; that has met all of our requirements to join H3CTIK. You are to post his or her PB2 profile link.


4.) You must attend all Training Events and enforce order when necessary.



Information on the Training Events will be released soon. Thank you for your time. 🙂




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